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NetSoft is a business consulting and technology services company that can leverage and implement unified decision-making processes in large corporations across all vertical industries.

We offer substantial experience in Oracle’s ERP, EPM and BI platforms with our experienced business professionals.

We help our clients to sustainably improve and manage their business performance, through the entire management process, by developing the business concepts, implementing proven solutions, providing customized end-user training and offering a complete application support.

Our target is to deliver integrated end-to-end solutions based on innovative and leading-class software products that enable organizations to achieve complete insight and governance over their management practices and processes.

Our consultants collaborate with IT, business and management teams at the client to improve their applied processes turning data into insight and creating software-based solutions enabling quick and accurate decision making accelerating the achievement of the organization’s business objectives.
NetSoft is uniquely positioned to deliver end-to-end consulting services at the best quality with a competitive pricing ensuring an effective, timely and low risk delivery.

Our Services

Enterprise Resource Planning Enterprise Resource Planning
Enterprise Resource Planning

Financials, Supply Chain Management, Order Fulfillment, Project Management, Production Management, Logistics, Human Resource, Payroll

Business Intelligence Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Enterprise Reporting and Analysis, Enterprise Master Data Management, Market & Customer Intelligence, Big Data, Data Mining 

Enterprise Performance Management Enterprise Performance Management
Enterprise Performance Management

Strategy Management, Budgeting & Planning, Financial Consolidation, Financial Reporting & Analysis

Custom Development Custom Development
Custom Development

Client requested software enhancements

Our Products

smallBiz ERP
smallBiz ERP

It is a new commercial and accountancy application that aims the quick expanding companies. It completely covers the increased needs of information of businessmen for achieving their goals. It has the capability to follow-up multi branch and multi warehouse companies, simultaneously, by many users (Multi User). The application is Multilanguage (Multilingual) and is delivered to operate in Greek and English environment.
The remarkable characteristics that make smallBiz to differ from all the others are:
The capability to operate in the internet (internet enabled) with an ADSL line with the smaller speed, without terminal services or engaged lines that involve additional cost.
The capability to operate for all the distanced points of the company, even with a simple 3G/GPRS network.
Supports multiple branch companies with multiple warehouses, with an online connection in the same server.
Supports group of companies with branches in the abroad.
It is multilanguage
Supports portable calculating system solutions, not with third persons programs that may require hard interconnections (interfaces), but with its same sub systems such as:

Pocket smallBiz solution for:
1. Portable Invoicing
2. Portable order taking
3. Inventory
4. Purchasing receipt
5. Picking
6. Mobile CRM

Capable to invoice transactions without limits in the number of products (crash test with more than 500 products in the invoice).
Capable to serve companies that have more than 200.000 products.
Capable to update the warehouses product rests, at the inventory period, with one and only warehouse transaction and without any product restrictions
Gives, the products rests per warehouse following the separation in real, committed, requirements, demands and available.
Satisfies any invoicing policy with multiple price lists, even per customer.
Capable to propose for each customers order, the supplier with the best price per product order and automatically create the purchasing transactions.
Capable to update the companys price lists catalogues, from the purchase transactions, so as the sales not to be under of the last purchasing price.
Calculates immediately the warehouse cost with all the prices (mean price, last price of market, last price of cost, typical price of cost etc).
Supports the products reordering process with the forecast method.
It is designed for asynchronous and unhindered operation over the internet without restrictions (disconnected model),but simultaneously it completely satisfies the client, server application requirements (connected model).

Product : smallBiz ERP
Version : 1.0
Requirements : Windows XP +, 4GB RAM, 300MB HDD Space
Fusion TSA
Fusion TSA

NetSoft has developed a custom Treasury Single Account (TSA) solution seamlessly integrated with Oracle ERP providing immediate information about the physical cash and the utilized amounts.

The solution helps the companies to consolidate and manage their cash resources and to minimize borrowing costs, by using the yearly or
monthly cash spending limits irrespective of the account/expenditure type.

Based on the principle of unity of cash and unity of treasury, the solution offers companies with multiple branches or subsidiaries or departments a mechanism to use one single bank account to transact all its payments and receipts. This way it ensures that no idle cash resources exist that fail to earn market-related remuneration and it guarantees no unnecessary borrowing costs incur.

Product : Fusion TSA
Version : 1.0
Requirements : Windows XP +, 4GB RAM, 300MB HDD Space
smallBiz ERP
Fusion TSA


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